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Custom Routed Signs are free hand routed

Here is what we offer:

  • We do not charge by the letter or word

  • We charge by the detail of the carving, coloring and size of sign.

  • We use a wide variety of fonts to choose from to customize your personal / commercial sign.

  • We can match your font to your personal design

  • Graphics are available

  • You can supply your own custom graphic (clip art or personal design).

  • Personal photos may also be an option for personal / commercial signs.

  • We use Cedar, Pine, Pecan, Cypress, other types of wood species may be requested if available.

  • Spar Urethane finish or

  • Epoxy Resin coating that is sutiable for outdoor signs that creates a more durable and low maintentance finish and protects from UV rays.

  • We provide various edges for your sign such as but not limited too: Bevel, Scalloped, Roundover, Roman classic or free form (your choice).

Est. 2016
EST. 2016
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